Get the facts on Initiative 23-02

Renton’s Minimum Wage Proposal and What It Means for You

The Renton City Council determined that the decision to raise the minimum wage — Initiative 23-02 — will be put up for a public vote on the February 13 ballot. But the proposal to increase wages raises several issues that haven’t been addressed.

Here are the facts on Initiative 23-02:

It can’t solve the affordability crisis

Rising prices is the real problem. Raising the minimum wage won’t solve the affordability challenges in Renton, and it will make things worse by increasing costs for everyone.

Seattle is a prime example, where raising the minimum wage didn’t make living more affordable. Renton could face the same problem.

Household incomes have already increased significantly in Renton, while the cost of living has skyrocketed. This proposal will only widen the gap by causing the costs of groceries, restaurant meals, childcare, and other goods and services to increase even more for everyone.

It will hurt small businesses

Small businesses are still recovering from the pandemic and are struggling with inflation. A 25% minimum wage increase will lead to reduced hours for employees and higher prices for everyone.

It’s being rushed through the process

Renton is trying to institute this policy in just three months, without adequate public comment or input from the people who will be most affected.

This proposal has important details that need to be addressed:

This hurts small businesses that must compete with larger ones paying the same wages.

The proposal doesn’t consider benefits like healthcare and tip pooling, which are part of the overall compensation package for many employees.

Single-location franchisees shouldn’t be lumped in with large corporations.

The proposal doesn’t recognize that different areas of Renton have different economic realities.

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